Flexible & Reliable Tiles Solutions

Our handmade tiles are heat resistant, strong and frost resistant. They can sustain in any kind of climate by keep the glamour intact year after year.

About Us

Our handmade tiles are heat-resistant, strong and frost resistant. 

Our artisans are very well-versed in the traditional methods of terracotta tiles and we follow our family’s traditional techniques which we have acquired by generation. Art is evolving with us each day and we are assimilating new techniques with traditional ones to form something beautiful which is beyond words. Our tradition, our values reflect in our art of handmade tiles making and the customers can feel the bond we share with our art.

We carefully check each tile and pack each tile well. So that one tile does not break or get destroyed.

Every tile is very important to us. So, we test each tile well. Then after doing these tiles, they are very good for export.

Ship Freight

We can provide customized packaging solutions. There is various option available for packaging and they can be modified as per the customer’s requirements. We can export in small amounts and bulk quality as well in boxes and pallets and several standard dimensions. The customer can choose from any of these options at their convenience. Plo Epo organic tiles are very close to the second-largest port in Bangladesh hence we can export our products in a short span of time. One of the prime reasons for our success is that we can provide a wealth of products, services and packaging under one roof. We can provide a lot of options to our customers for shipping and packaging requirements.

Client Testimonials

We handle shipping and transportation, while also offering some warehouse management inbound freight and other.